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Responsibilities of Authors

It is the responsibility of authors to ensure that:
  • the article is in MS Word format.
  • The submitted article is free from grammatical, spelling and language mistakes.
  • The work is original and plagiarism free. The journal considers all sort of plagiarism as an unethical behavior.
  • The cited material is properly acknowledged both in text and bibliographic sections.
  • The presented data is original and real. Any fraudulent information is not included in the article.
  • Secondary data sources and supporting facts have proper citation both in the text and bibliographic sections.
  • Fraudulent data and inaccurate statements will be considered as unethical behavior and intolerable by the journal.
  • S/he has submitted original work to the journal for publication with proper acknowledgement of the cited material.
  • Plagiarism in any form ranging from the submission of other researcher/s work as the author 's own, copying significant part of other/s work without proper reference to reporting the results of others is considered unethical and is unacceptable.
  • The identity of the respondents has been kept confidential and not disclosed without proper permission of the participants.
  • The review articles have objective, comprehensive and clear account of the research area.
  • The article is not submitted to more than one journals at the same time.
  • Only those persons are included in the authors list who have made significant contribution to the submitted research work and have no hesitation to take responsibility of material included in the article.
  • The corresponding author must ensure that the name of no inappropriate person is included in the authors' list and none of the author has any objection to submit the work to the journal.
  • Identify the person, journal and institution having any claim against the article.
  • References and bibliography are according to APA style.
  • Will promptly response to any query of the editorial board. The journal will take no responsibility of delay in publication due to late response of the authors.
  • JER strongly condemns any type of violation of research ethics. The responsibility of any type of plagiarism in their research rest on the authors and editorial office of the journal takes suitable measures to stop such type of irregularities.

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