Volume 20, No 1, 2017

Effectiveness of University Teachers Training Modules
Muhammad Sarwar, Shafqat Hussain and Ashfaque Ahmad Shah
Pages : 1-20

Developing a Validated Instrument to Measure Teachers’ Job Performance Analyzing the Role of Background Variables
Akhtar Ali and Syed Zubair Haider
Pages : 21-35

Going Green, Living Green and Use of Green Spaces at the Tertiary Institutions of Nigeria
Kofo A Aderogba
Pages : 36-57

Using Social Media Websites in Enhancing Learning and Interactions at Post Graduate Level
Nasrin Akhter, Nasreen Akhter and Rafia Asif
Pages : 58-73

Students’ Academic Performance and its Relationship with their Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation
Muhammad Ayub Buzdar, Muhammad Naeem Mohsin, Romana Akbar and Noor Mohammad
Pages : 74-82

Mathematical Thinking and its Development through Geogebra
Muhammad Khalil, Naveed sultana and Umair Khalil
Pages : 83-99

Effect of Human Resource Practices on Employees’ Retention in a Private University of Pakistan
Ijaz Ahmed Tatlah, Muhammad Anwar and Muhammad Amin
Pages : 100-112

Critical Analysis of General Science Textbooks for Inclusion of the Nature of Science Used At Elementary Level in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Imtiyaz Ali, Nasreen Akher and Muhammad Nawaz
Pages : 113-131

Comparing Professional Attitude of Formal and Non-Formal Prospective Teachers Gender Based Differences
Muhammad Riaz, Muhammad Uzair-ul-Hassan and Afia Khan
Pages : 132-140

Second Language Motivational Orientations of Undergraduate Students at a Pakistani Public Sector University
Muhammad Ajmal Khurshid
Pages : 141-156

Effect of Motivation, Willingness to Communicate (WTC), Self Perceived Communicative Competence (SPCC) and L2 Anxiety on the Frequency of Use of English as L2
Mamuna Ghani & Syed Waseem Azhar
Pages : 157-171

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