Volume 23, No 1, 2020

Equity Pedagogy as a Means to Address Educational Needs of Students to Burgeon Inclusive Culture in Colleges and Universities
Samina Ashraf, Muhammad Uzair-ul-Hassan
Page: 1-18

Teachers´┐Ż Perceived Contributing Factors of School Bullying in Public Elementary Schools
Nargis Abbas, Uzma Ashiq, Mateen Iqbal
Pages : 19-47

Relationship between Academic Engagement and Academic Achievement: An Empirical Evidence of Secondary School Students
Nisar Abid, Mumtaz Akhtar
Pages : 48-61

Head Teachers' Motivational Techniques and Elementary School Teachers' Performance in Urban and Rural Areas of District Sheikhupura
Sumaira Munawar, Misbah Malik, Abdul Qayyam Ch.
Pages : 62-72

Teachers Humanistic Role Regarding Listening Students Attentively
Azmat Ullah, Malik Amer Atta
Pages : 73-90

Psychological Capital as an Index of Workplace Flourishing of College Faculty Members
Samra Afzal, Marium Din, Hukam Dad Malik
Pages : 91-110

Relationship between Social Competence and Academic Performance of University Students
Rabia Tabassum, Nasreen Akhter, Zafar Iqbal
Pages : 111-130

Analysis of National Educational Initiatives (2000-2019) For Promoting Primary Education in Pakistan
Madeha Ahmed, Ayaz Muhammad Khan
Pages : 131-146

Analysis of Examination System for Visually Impaired Children
Muhammad Akram Shaker, Abdul Khaliq, Najam ul Kashif
Pages : 147-157

Exploring the Diverse Views of Professionals and Students on Causes and Consequences of Terrorist Attacks on their Performance
Anjum Naz, Shazia Maik, Abida Nasreen
Pages : 158-170

E-Learning: Current Scenario of Internet and Educational Learning among University Students of Punjab Pakistan
Ghulam Safdar, Abdul Wajid Khan
Pages : 171-185

Teaching Peace Related Concepts through Integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Alia, Sufiana Khatoon Malik
Pages : 186-196

Individual versus Collaborative Learning: A Strategy for Promoting Social Skills and Academic Confidence among Students
Sarwat Sultan, Irshad Hussain, Frasat Kanwal
Pages : 197-207

Constitutional Issues and Governance Practices in Public Universities of Pakistan
Shakeela Shah, Sajid Ali Yousuf Zai, Wajeeha Ghias
Pages : 208-224

Evaluating Role of International News Media discourses on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)
Nasir Hameed and Muhammad Shahzad
Pages : 225-237

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