Volume 21, No 1, 2018

Earnings May Help in Studying Reliability of (Self) Assessment
Ashfaque Ahmad Shah, Zunaira Fatima Syeda, Jean-Jacques Paul
Pages : 1-11

Beginning Teachers’ Professional Self-Image: Reconciliation between Teachers and Head Teachers
Ayyaz Qadeer, Adnan Tahir, Muhammad Ilyas Chishti
Pages : 12-24

English Language Teachers’ Instructional Clarity at the Intermediate Level in the Educational Institutions in Islamaba?
Hazrat Umar
Pages : 25-37

Gender Based Subject Matter Knowledge of Diverse Modes of Selected Teachers in the Light of Competency Based Teacher Education
Qayyum Nawaz, Malik Amer Atta
Pages : 38-55

Leadership as Distinguish Operative Total Quality Management Factor in the Public-Sector Universities of Pakistan
Tanzeela Arooj
Pages : 56-72

Role of Social Media for Promotion of Education in Southern Punjab
Ghulam Safdar, Abdul Wajid Khan, Ayesha Abbasi
Pages : 73-85

Employers’ Satisfaction with Professionally Qualified Secondary School Teachers in Pakistan
Akhtar Ali, Nabeela Sulaiman, Muhammad Javed
Pages : 86-105

Comparing the Stress Level of Teachers at Public and Private Universities in Pakistan
Samra Afzal, Marium Din,, Imtiaz Ali Qureshi
Pages : 106-121

Development of Number Concepts in Students with Intellectual Disability by using Digital Game based Learning
Ayesha Wajiuhullah, Samina Ashraf, Shaista Majad
Pages : 122-129

The Role of ICT in Motivating Learners in ESL Classroom at University Level in Lahore
Maria Riaz, Irfana Omar, Muhammad Amin
Pages : 130-146

Learning in Mathematics: Difficulties and Perceptions of Students
Nasrin Akhter, Nasreen Akhter
Pages : 147-163

Comparison of Primary School Boys and Girls on Number Conservation Ability
Ayaz Ahmad, Rabia Tabassum, R. A. Farooq
Pages : 164-176

Error Analysis of English Language Speakers in the Use of Articles in Pakistan
Saira Maqbool, Mamuna Ghani, Asif Khan
Pages : 177-188

Comparison between Perception and Use of Alternative Assessment Techniques in Teaching of English at Secondary Level
Marriam Bashir, Nazia Shahzadi, Muhammad Tanveer Afzal
Pages : 189-202

Practices of Professional Ethics among University Teachers: An Analysis of Demographic Differences
Fareeha Nudrat, Nasir Mahmood
Pages : 203-217

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