Volume 20, No 2, 2017

Examining Pakistani English Teachers’ Professional Learning in an Online Community of Practice
Asma Khan and Jayne C. Lammers
Pages : 1-14

Comparison of Teaching Practices in English Writing Classrooms of Secondary School Certificate and General Certificate of Education- Ordinary Level
Qudsia Fatima and Rafaqat Ali Akbar
Pages : 15-27

Effects of Problem Based Learning on Students’ Critical Thinking Skills, Attitudes towards Learning and Achievement
Riffat un Nisa Awan, Hamid Hussain and Nadeem Anwar
Pages : 28-41

Assessing ESL Students’ Literal, Reorganization and Inferential Reading Comprehension Abilities
Akhtar Ali, Muhammad Javed and Ghulam Shabbir
Pages : 42-53

Relationship of Fathers’ Parenting Style with Secondary School Students’ Anti Social Behaviour
Uzma Kirn, Muhammad Tahir Khan Farooqi and Shazina Zia
Pages : 54-69

Reasons Behind the Selection of Open and Distance Learning by Women in Punjab Province of Pakistan
Uzma Munawar and Nasreen Akhter
Pages : 70-81

Testing Maxwell’s Leadership Level Assessment Questionnaire Appraising Executives Leadership Level in Educational Context
Ayaz Muhmmad Khan, Amna Ramzan and Rabia Ghaffar
Pages : 82-94

Mathematics Teachers’ Beliefs and their Practices towards Collaborative Learning in Public and Private Schools A Comparative Case Study
Maria Shiraz and Shahzada Qaisar
Pages : 95-112

Global Changes and Improving Teacher Education Institutions in Pakistan
Muhammad Abiodullah, Uzma Shakoor and Irshad Ahmad Farrukh
Pages : 113-126

Accreditation and Quality Enhancement Dynamics in Higher Education
Hina Jalal, Muhammad Ayub Buzdar and Muhammad Naeem Mohsin
Pages : 127-145

Comparison of Study Material and its Approaches Used in Formal and Distance Education
Amir Mahmood, Muhammad Imran Rashid and Muhammad Rashid
Pages : 146-160

Role of Female Teachers in Personality Development of Secondary School Students in Lahore A Quantitative Exploration
Misbah Malik, Ghulam Fatima and Abid Hussain Chaudhry
Pages : 161-169

Perceptual Posture of Stakeholders Efficacy of Sports in Curbing Violent Behaviors among Youth
Mohammad Yunis Khan and Asif Jamil
Pages : 170-183

School Choice Autonomy- A Source of Generating Inequities in Pakistan
Muhammad Ramzan, Muhammad Uzair-ul-Hassan, Iram Parveen and Tariq Aziz
Pages : 184-200

Problematic Mobile Phone Use, Academic Procrastination and Academic Performance of College Students
Shahzada Qaisar, Nasreen Akhter, Afsheen Masood and Sumaira Rashid
Pages : 201-214

Concept Maps as a Tool for Classroom Teaching and Assessment Perceptions of University Teachers
Shamsa Aziz, Munaza Mahmood and Syeda Madiha Wajid
Pages : 215-228

Weaknesses in Evaluation of Teaching Practice in the Formal and Non-Formal Teacher Education Institutions
Fouzia Younus, R.A. Farooq and Rabia Tabassum
Pages : 229-238

Impact of Distributed Leadership and Psychological Empowerment on Organizational Learning Culture
Iqra Bashir, Muhammad Akram and Huma Lodhi
Pages : 239-256

Relationship between Attitudes of Prospective Teachers and their Academic Achievements in Teacher Educational Programs in Baluchistan, Pakistan
Khadija Karim, Alia Ayub, Khalid Khurshid and Mohammad Akram
Pages : 257-276

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